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Car Parks (28)
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Space Availability (street)

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  Address Distance Hours Price
Claughton Street Mon-Sun Free
Waterloo Street Mon-Sun £0.20 / 15 mins
Hardshaw Shopping Centre Mon-Sun £6.50 / max
Birchley Street Mon-Sun Free
Tontine - Exchange Street Mon-Sun £6.00 / max
Tolver Street Mon-Sun £3.50 / max
Ward Street Mon-Sun £4.00 / max
North John Street Mon-Sun £6.50 / max
Mill Street Mon-Sun £3.50 / max
Chalon Way Multi-Storey - Chalon Way Mon-Sun Free
Millennium Centre Mon-Sun £6.00 / max
St. Mary's Multi-Storey Mon-Sun Free
Asda - Kirkland Street Mon-Sun Free
Central Street Mon-Sun £3.50 / max
Parr Street Mon-Sun £2.00 / max
Ravenhead Retail Park (PC World) Mon-Sun Free
Higher Parr Street Free
Ravenhead Retail Park (B & Q) Mon-Sun Free
Tesco - St Helens Linkway Mon-Sun Free
Morrisons - Boundary Road Mon-Sun Free
St Helens Hospital Free
Nunn Street Mon-Sun 24 hours Free
Morrisons - Baxters Lane Mon-Sun Free
Thatto Heath Station - Thatto Heath Road Mon-Sun 24 hours Free
Elephant Lane Mon-Sun 24 hours Free
Walmesley Road Mon-Sun 24 hours Free
Peckers Hill Road Mon-Sun 24 hours Free
Dane Court Centre - Weaver Ave Mon-Sun 24 hours Free
Liverpool South Parkway Station Mon-Sun Free