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Parking In Bath

Blue Badge Holders Parking

Bath Controlled Parking Zones

Blue Badge Holders may park in the same controlled parking zones as resident and business permit holders. The badge must be clearly displayed at all times during the restricted hours. The restricted times are usually Mon-Sat 8am to 6pm, zone entry signs at all vehicle entry points to a zone will indicate the times and days that the restrictions apply.

On-Street Designated Disabled Parking Bays

These are primarily found in town centres and will have a sign to show that the bay is restricted for use by badge holders only. Enforcement action is taken against non badge holders or if the badge is not clearly displayed.

Off-Street Parking - Car Parks

With the exception of the bays at the entrance to Charlotte Street car park parking charges now apply to blue badge holders in ALL Pay & Display and Pay on Foot car parks IN BATH ONLY with the exception of the Sports & Leisure Centre Car park in North Parade. The tariff boards in each car park indicate the charges that apply.

Yellow Line Waiting Restrictions

Parking on double and single yellow lines is permitted for a period up to three hours providing you clearly display a valid blue badge and set the time clock.

You are not allowed to park on yellow lines when loading restrictions are in force or where you would cause an obstruction such as parking in front of a dropped kerb. Loading restrictions are indicated by yellow line markings along the kerb.