Gatwick Airport
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Parking at Gatwick Airport

Gatwick airport consists of two terminals, South and North, both of which have a number of short and long stay car parks.

Passenger pick-up and drop off

Cars picking up passengers will be directed to use Short Stay car park 3.

Short-term stay

If you are parking at Gatwick for just a few hours then you will need to park in a short stay car park. Both the North and South Terminals have their own short stay car parks which are operated by NCP.

The short stay car parks are connected to the terminals, with only a short distance to walk to the terminal entrance.

Long-term stay

Some of the best prices for long stays at gatwick are offered by BCPAirparks and Courtlands

If you are staying for more than a few days, you will need to use one of Gatwick's Long Stay car parks which are situated around the terminals (expect transfer times of approximately 10-12 minutes).

Gatwick long term parking at the South terminal
The most popular long stay car parks at the South Terminal are Parking Express GatwickPark Plus Gatwick and Summer Special Parking Gatwick.

Gatwick long term parking at the North terminal
If you are looking for long term parking at Gatwick airport for a trip departing from the North terminal then Gatwick NCP Flightpath and Gatwick Holiday Parking are the main car parks. Both of these car parks are situated slightly to the north of the terminal.

There are discounts upwards of 50% available when you pre-book long stay car parks.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is also known as meet and greet and is a very convenient type of parking.

Gatwick airport valet parking allows you to drop your car off on the terminal forecourt and have it delivered back to the terminal forecourt when you return. The valet service is available at both South and North terminals.