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Parking at London Luton Airport

There are a number of car parks for short, medium and long term stays at London Luton Airport.

Passenger pick-up and drop off

Vehicles should use the drop off zone solely for the convenience of departing passengers and may stay a maximum of 10 minutes; the driver MUST remain with the vehicle at all times. This facility is NOT open for 'pick up' or collection of arriving passengers.

Arriving passengers should be collected from the short stay car park where normal parking charges apply.

Please note that vehicles left unattended in the drop off zone will be removed and any vehicles present for more than the permitted 10 minutes will incur charges.

Short-term stay

The Short Stay (Yellow) car park is situated minutes from the terminal. You can save up to 50% off the gate price when you book in advance on-line.

Parking for motorcycles is available free of charge in the Short Term Car Park.

Mid-term stay

The Mid Term (Green) car park is located on the main approach to the airport, and is just a five minute transfer by bus.

Long-term stay

The Long Stay (Pink) car park is situated just 10 minutes from the terminal via the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, bus transfer service.

A number of companies such as Airpark and Airport Carparkz also operate off airport car parks.

Finally, Luton Airport Parkway Station also operates shuttle buses to the terminal which take around 10 minutes and cost £1.50 each way.

Discounts upwards of 50% available when you pre-book the above car parks.